The New York Times: Review of Hans Werner Henze’s Kammermusik with Cantata Profana

“The compelling guitarist Arash Noori mostly sat apart from the ensemble, sometimes interacting with Mr. Cooley… The ensemble brought out Italianate strands of lyricism in Henze’s music, even during agitated, atonal stretches…The staging concept seemed to inspire the players to give a commanding, deeply expressive account of an unusual modernist masterpiece.”


The New York Times: Review of “Visions of Silence” with Cantata Profana

“The lute (played by the fine Arash Noori) is curiously fixated on two notes, though these recurring pitches are often decorated with filigree."



The Boston Globe: Review of REMADRIGALS with Cantata Profana

“...the group as a whole made toggling between the two niche genres of early music and new music seem as straightforward as switching bows. (It’s not.)”



New York Classical Review: Review of Time’s Arrow Festival

“…Arash Noori’s artful lute playing, which was heard to best advantage in two solo pieces by Isaac, La morra and La battaglia. Noori’s fine ear for singing line and tone colors no doubt enhanced the vocal performances as well.”

FULL REVIEW Review of Hans Werner Henze’s Kammermusik with Cantata Profana

“Our guitarist Arash Noori would play three solo tentos, a 15th Century musical form like a ricercare. Obviously difficult but child’s play for Mr. Noori.”